Tim Morse

Tim became CEO of Ten-X (then Auction.com) in June, 2015 after serving as the company’s Chief Financial Officer for just over a year. He oversees all aspects of Ten-X’s efforts to transform the way that real estate is bought and sold.

Prior to joining, Morse helped numerous technology companies – from start-ups to industry powerhouses – implement strategies that support sustainable growth, including nearly 3 ½ years at Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO) where he held the role of chief financial officer and also served as interim chief executive officer. After leaving Yahoo! in the fall of 2012, Tim joined online advertising start-up Adap.tv, where he led IPO efforts to near conclusion. Just before going public, the fast-growing tech company was acquired by AOL, Inc. (NYSE: AOL).

For 15 years, Morse also held numerous positions of progressively greater financial leadership at General Electric Company, with experiences in a variety of GE businesses spanning roles across the globe. In July 2005, Morse was named CFO and general manager of business development for GE Plastics. He left GE in 2007 to become CFO for Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR, recently acquired by Intel), a San Jose-based maker of programmable logic semiconductors.

Morse graduated from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, where he studied Finance and Operations & Strategic Management.