Teresa Bazemore

Teresa Bryce Bazemore is President of Radian Guaranty Inc., Radian Group Inc.’s principal mortgage insurance subsidiary. As President, Ms. Bazemore is responsible for all domestic and international mortgage insurance business operations. Prior to her appointment as President, Ms. Bazemore was the Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Risk Officer and Secretary for Radian Group, a global credit risk management company. She has previously served in senior mortgage roles at Bank of America and PNC Bank.

Ms. Bazemore is on the Board of the US Mortgage Insurers. She serves on the Mortgage Bankers Board of Directors and on the Mortgage Bankers Residential Board of Governors. Ms. Bazemore has also previously served as a member of the Economic Advisory Council for the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Consumer Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve, the Fannie Mae National Advisory Council, the Home Builders Institute, the Advisory Committee of the American Association of Residential Mortgage Regulators as well as Board Chair of the Research Institute for Housing America. Ms. Bazemore is a graduate of the University of Virginia and the Columbia University School of Law.


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