Renee Deane

Renee Deane is Executive Vice President of Property Management for Carrington Property Services, LLC (CPS). Renee manages and directs the growth of Carrington Property Services, while servicing as a key asset for driving the industry-leading national property management company operating in 46 states.   

In direct response to the ever-changing conditions in the real estate market, Renee has revolutionized the property management services platform available to all clients – from major institutional clients to long-term hold investor clients, building a rental portfolio.  The company’s’ platform is designed to meet a client’s specific needs- whether the full suite of property management services, or a la carte services, such as rent analysis, evictions oversight, or property preservation services.  Under Renee’s leadership, CPS has tripled its client base, ad created a platform that can be specifically tailored to each client and their specific needs ad programs.  Renee possesses the knowledge and experience required to successfully implement the expansion plans for the company’s rental programs, and is highly qualified to significantly contribute to its business objectives.  

A 25-year industry veteran with extensive experience in the financial services industry, Renee has developed and maintained key relationships with global investment banks, GSEs and large institutional investors. She has a proven track record of developing and automating operational efficiencies to achieve positive financial results.  Prior to joining Carrington, Renee served as Executive Vice President of Operations/Chief Credit officer for Nations Direct Mortgage, where she was responsible for all areas of origination up to and including ensuring that all loans originated were sold on the secondary market and insured by HUD. Renee has also held various management positions such as EVP, Chief Operating Officer at Agire Mortgage; EVP, Business Controls at Ameriquest Mortgage Company; and EVP, Investor Relations at AMC Capital Corporation.

Carrington Capital Management
EVP, Property Management