Patrick Foy

Patrick is a founding principal of North Point Investments. He has participated as developer or broker in over $1.5 Billion in real estate transactions. Since August 2009, Patrick has been responsible for the acquisition, disposition, and renovation of 20 properties purchased at the trustee sales. Patrick is partnered with two high net worth individuals and has generated substantial returns in this most recent venture. Patrick established reporting, selection, and renovation criteria that will be used in the future investments of North Point Investments. Prior to founding North Point Investments, Patrick was the managing partner of Brierley Group which owned and operated BFM Realty Group, a residential real estate brokerage company with over $2M in annual revenue and Brierley Investments which developed over $50M in exit value residential real estate.  Brierley additionally was a managing partner in five development projects with total estimated market value of $160M. Prior to the founding of Brierley Group, Patrick successfully managed Chrysler’s real estate portfolio, which covered 123 million SF of leased and owned space. Bringing his strategic vision and skills as a lead negotiator, he created savings of over $130M over 3 years to the company’s bottom line.  Patrick has a B.A. from Boston College, with a double major in Political Science and Economics; a background that perfectly prepared him for the complexities of real estate development.

North Point Investment Group
Managing Member