Fanny Borgström

Fanny, a "legend" in Nordic banking funding and debt capital markets who helped guide the development of Scandinavian covered bond markets, retired in August as head of group funding at Nordea,  a position she had held since 1997.   Prior to this, she was first vice president, international treasury, of Merita Bank of Finland, which merged with the Swedish Nordbanken in 1997 to become MeritaNordbanken. Merita Bank and Nordbanken, along with Unibank of Denmark and Christiania Bank og Kreditkasse of Norway began conducting operations under the Nordea name in December 2001. Nordea today is the largest financial services group in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region.

She  is also chair of the Association of Swedish Covered Bond Issuers and was a member of the European Covered Bond Council steering committee.

Fanny, who has two children, is a graduate of the University of Uppsala, and worked as managing of international funding and assistant general manager, international treasury, of Union Bank of Finland, the forerunner to Merita Bank. 

She made her EuroCatalyst debut  in 2003 in Lisbon.

Nordea Treasury and Nordea Hypothek
Head of Group Funding