Colin Wiel

Colin Wiel is Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Waypoint Homes, a pioneer in single-family rental, with over $1 billion of assets under management. Colin is responsible for strategy, acquisitions, technology, and overall leadership of the firm. Waypoint’s mission is to reinvent the single-family rental experience. Waypoint Homes recently announced a merger with a spinout from Starwood Capital Group, to be named Starwood Waypoint Residential Trust.

Colin has a unique 20-year career with a highly successful track record as engineer, entrepreneur, and investor. He has designed and developed notable software systems, founded several successful companies, and managed highly profitable investment entities focused on public companies, startups, and real estate.

As a Mechanical Engineer out of U.C. Berkeley, Colin worked in a prestigious research group at Boeing, where he invented a new anti-lock braking system for commercial aircraft (two US patents issued), which allows airplanes to stop in a five percent shorter stopping distance on icy runways. In the ‘90’s, Colin founded a software engineering firm,, focused on ecommerce software, which he grew to 35 people before selling to a larger technology company. co-architected Charles Schwab’s online trading website in 1999, which, at the time, was the largest ecommerce website (by dollar volume) in the world.

Waypoint Homes
Chief Investment Officer & Founder