Brandon Osmon

Brandon is a Managing Director at Hayman Capital Management, L.P.Prior to joining Hayman Capital Management in September 2007, he was employed by Countrywide Financial a Senior Vice President in Treasury, where he managed the company's asset-backed commercial paper programs and secured warehouse lines of credit. His responsibilities included structuring the facilities, legal documentation and rating agency negotiations. Brandon was also responsible for collateral modeling and liquidity forecasting. Previously, he was employed by AmeriCredit Corp., where he managed the conduit finance, securitization modeling and derivatives groups. During this time, he was responsible for modeling all current and prospective term securitizations. In addition, Mr.Osmon assisted in structuring the company's short-term asset-backed financing programs. Brandon graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Texas in May 1999.

Hayman Capital Management, LP
Co-Portfolio Manager