AmeriCatalyst LLC  was born out of its sister company, EuroCatalyst BV.


Toni Moss, CEO of both firms, began EuroCatalyst in 2000, and it quickly became a clearinghouse for European mortgage market information, providing private research and advisory services for cross-border and new market entrants. The next year, EuroCatalyst began holding events of the same name.


    It is from these seeds of development that the AmeriCatalyst event was first hosted in 2010, with an eye on revealing the dynamics of much larger forces that would magnify risk, accelerate instability and therefore require constant adaptations of market structure moving forward. In that context we evaluated the viability and effectiveness of legislative, regulatory, and private proposals to rebuild the current U.S. housing finance system. These events continue yearly, in addition to quarterly seminars and monthly webinars to share ideas, deepen knowledge, broaden perspectives and enhance the capacity to address industry issues.


 AmeriCatalyst provides far more than these events.


AmeriCatalyst continues to serve as  an independent and neutral “clearinghouse” of ideas to assess the viability of and prioritize proposals on ways to resolve current issues impeding U.S. housing market recovery. The firm also provides top-of-the-line advisory services to businesses looking to deepen and broaden their understanding of their place in the market.